Our DVDs Make Exercising Fun!

What if... you could exercise tomorrow by walking in Rome - or in a quaint village in England - or in exotic Egypt by the Pyramids?

You can with our Treadmill Scenery DVDs filled with beautiful and exotic scenery from Europe, Egypt and the USA!

No more boring time spent on your treadmill, elliptical, or Nordic Track when you can pick from over a dozen different world locations to exercise.

On Monday you could walk on the Isle of Capri, on Tuesday, you could walk in Hawaii, on Wednesday, you could walk in Venice, on Thursday you could walk in London, on Friday, you could walk in Egypt.... and you've just scratched the surface of beautiful and historic locations to walk with our Treadmill Scenery DVDs! Click here to see our DVD Catalog.

The time spent exercising will never be boring again when you can travel the world while getting fit and staying healthy!

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VITA Digital Productions is committed to our unique Treadmill Scenery DVDs, and we continue to travel the world filming and adding new DVDs to our extensive catalog of DVDs.

When you can't exercise outdoors,

then exercise indoors with our Treadmill Scenery DVDs. They will make the time spent on a treadmill, elliptical, or Nordic Track fly by.

Jim, a recent customer, wrote, "I love your DVDs, I actually look forward to getting on the treadmill now. I've purchased 8; 7 of those are places I've been and it made me feel like I was back there...wonderful!"

Lisa wrote, "I just love your videos, before I bought your dvds I didn't stay on the treadmill very long because it got boring but now even if I get tired the virtual walks keep me interested and I want to keep walking. It's almost like really being there! Thank you."

And Chris wrote, "I purchased Maine & 8 other of your Virtual Walk DVDS. I am very satisfied with these, as they have attributed to about a 30 lb. weight loss since January. I notice you have 3 that I don't have and want to order them. Thanks."

To read more customers' comments about our Treadmill Scenery DVDs, click here.

Faster Paced DVDs

For those customers who want to run or jog on their treadmills, we've just introduced our Treadmill Jogging DVDs. Now you can jog on Maine's Mt. Desert Island, jog in the Hollywood Hills, jog in Ireland, and jog in Scotland. Click here to see our DVD Catalog.

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